Chicago Makes Room for a New Chicago Wedding Venue!

Newly renovated and recently debuted, this is a Chicago venue that is soon to be a favorite for Chicago weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and corporate events. Once a beloved restaurant, Room 21 has officially been re-designed as a perfect Chicago wedding venue for an intimate group. Another option is to utilize this swanky space as an addition to the Chicago Illuminating Company, a Chicago venue with a shared courtyard.

If your Chicago wedding is being planned at the Chicago Illuminating Company, your Chicago wedding planner is sure to have a few ideas to make your event even more memorable. What Big City Bride loves about this unique and raw Chicago venue is that it has so many spaces with so many options! This Big City Bride Chicago wedding used Room 21 as for their cocktail hour, and again for a late night lounge while dancing took place in the beautiful adjacent courtyard. Moving your guests from space to space for ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing makes your event dynamic and memorable, especially when the space is this beautiful! Of course it takes a little extra planning to flawlessly execute a moving event but Big City Bride knows how to do it!

As you can see, there wasn’t too much decor needed to make this space look fantastic. Filled with tables in a fun linen, each accented by the Chicago florist with a single orchid, were perfect and simple. This Chicago venue has enough craftsmanship and luxurious detailing that you don’t need to add a lot of decor to your wedding budget.  The leather tufted bar, massive mirror, and this gorgeous glass cabinet are part of the great design. Fill the cabinet with family pictures for a personal touch or votives for a romantic feel. Keep it simple and show off the space!


Tiffany and Co. Celebration Garden is the Perfect Wedding Venue Location

There is nothing better than the perfect Chicago wedding venue! As your Chicago wedding planner – we believe that your Chicago wedding venue should reflect the vision you imagine for your Chicago wedding. Big City Bride knows The Tiffany & Co Celebration Garden is in a perfect Chicago outdoor wedding venue.   It is blooming with over 1,200 kinds of flowers, shrubs and trees that can give your outdoor Chicago wedding ceremony a special touch of Mother Nature’s design.  Located right next to Buckingham Fountain, the Tiffany & Co Celebration garden in Chicago offers fabulous views of the Chicago skyline.

As Chicago wedding planners – we agree that this is also a great location for wedding photography that include a glorious Chicago backdrop.   This Chicago wedding venue is easily accessible as it is a short distance to many Chicago hotels and Chicago wedding reception locations.

We wouldn’t be good Chicago wedding planners if we didn’t strongly encourage you to consider a rainy day back up plan. As you plan your dream Chicago wedding in a garden, also plan for a beautiful indoor ceremony at your Chicago wedding venue. Making the decision last minute can be stressful. Not only do all of your guests need to be updated on the plans, but also your wedding transportation, chair rental company, wedding florist, and wedding photographer as well. Big City Bride helps brides and grooms plan gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremonies all the time and can help remove any stress of a dark cloud by being prepared and keeping all of your vendors in the loop!

Regal Romance – The Knot’s Real Chicago Wedding

We’re still smiling at Big City Bride about this issue of The Knot. The big and beautiful bridal magazine has a special Chicago guide with Chicago trends from your favorite Chicago wedding planner and some absolutely fabulous Chicago weddings! Big City Bride is always honored to be included in the Knot and always excited to share their features with you!

This Chicago wedding was romantic, elegant, and completely luxurious. Karolina and Scott’s Big City Bride wedding was at one of our favorite Chicago wedding venues. The Millennium Park Rooftop Terrace is an incredible wedding tent, full of possibilities, with an unbelievable view of the Chicago skyline. Big City Bride loves a tented wedding in the middle of  Millennium Park. It’s Chicago’s ultimate backyard wedding! With a french theme, and inspiration from the family jewelry business of Park Lane Jewelry, this Chicago wedding was completely luxurious.

Although this gorgeous wedding was last summer, we still remember the fun we had that day. The morning was rainy and a crazy storm made set up a little stressful, but nothing we couldn’t deal with. We added a tent to cover cocktail hour and protect the beautiful french lounge furniture, the ice sculpture, and the custom bar. After a morning of wedding set up and preparation, the sun decided to shine and everything went perfectly! The large tent was gorgeously decorated for the wedding ceremony and then quickly turned into dinner and dancing while guests enjoyed cocktail hour. It’s events like this that as a Chicago wedding planner you feel unbelievably important to the wedding planning process, and so full of adrenaline for the fun challenge of creating a space in less than an hour. Then dinner proceeded with an incredible meal, memorable toasts, and a full dance floor all night long. We’re so happy The Knot has decided to share their wedding with everyone!

Planning a Wedding Budget with a Planner

Let’s talk budget because it’s a driving force behind any wedding. As a Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride does not make up the cost of a Chicago wedding, but we certainly can help you know what costs to expect if you’re planning a wedding on a budget. Hiring a wedding planner from the beginning is the best way to create a realistic wedding budget and make decisions throughout the planning process that stay within your wedding budget.

The Knot did a recent study of wedding budgets to find the national average wedding cost and the average cost for your wedding reception venue, wedding band, wedding photographer, wedding ceremony site, wedding dress, room design, wedding floral, transportation, wedding invitations, and more! Look at what they found…but keep in mind that an average comes from many lows and many highs, and a city like Chicago hosts many incredible events with higher budgets, as everything in any city is more expensive and weddings are no exception.

It’s important to realize that this is a study of national weddings, big and small, from Hawaii to Maine and everywhere in between. Of course a country wedding is very different than a beach wedding and even a suburb wedding is very different than a city wedding. Everything in a major metropolitan area is much more expensive so of course that applies to weddings. Staying in a hotel, dining, shopping, and even sales tax is more expensive in a city.

Typically a wedding in a major metropolitan area such as Chicago costs twice as much as a wedding outside of a city. But, there are so many amazing benefits of a city wedding that so many couples find the added cost completely worth it. Close to an airport, full of hotel options, surrounded by tourist attractions for out of town guests, amazing restaurants, incredible views, and really unique Chicago wedding venues….Chicago is an incredible city to tie the knot in!

With a Chicago wedding planner, you can know the Chicago wedding costs and plan a Chicago wedding that fits your budget, your guest count, and your style. Big City Bride loves to plan weddings of every size and budget that show off the Chicago you love!

Wedding Food For Foodies

One of the first questions we ask our Chicago brides and grooms is “what are your top priorities?!” and so often we hear “FOOD!” As Chicago wedding planners we love to understand where you want to spend and where you want to save, along with where we should have some fun!

If you love food then Big City Bride loves the idea of having fun with rehearsal dinners. A smaller group means more possibilities and Chicago restaurants are the perfect venue! Eat something you love! Chicago’s hot restaurant scene provides endless opportunities and the best way to discover the perfect Chicago rehearsal dinner idea is to go out and try a few!

This week is your perfect opportunity! The best restaurants in Chicago have joined together for the annual Chicago Restaurant Week! Now through Sunday, February 26th you’re able to experience Chicago restaurants at their best and at a set cost. Each participating restaurant creates a special Restaurant Week Chicago prix fixed four course menu for just $22 for lunch and $33 or $44 for dinner.

Check out the menus and make a reservation because you only have a few nights left to take advantage of the opportunity to find your perfect Chicago rehearsal dinner restaurant!

As for your Chicago wedding reception … we’ve got a few Chicago wedding planner tips and tricks in the food department. If your wedding reception is at one of the great Chicago wedding venues that allows an outside Chicago wedding caterer then we’re able to completely customize a menu! Whether we do stations or seated dinner your guests will have a restaurant like experience. Chicago wedding caterers are competitive in pricing, service, and food so you’re guaranteed to be happy!

Clearly Big City Bride loves food and loves to discuss food. It’s one of the largest costs of a Chicago wedding and one of the most beneficial topics to have help with from a Chicago wedding planner! There is no need to serve traditional “wedding food” when there is so much great food to choose from! Let us help you serve your wedding guests a meal you’d want to serve them if it was an intimate 4 person gathering, even if you have 200 guests!

Day Of Chicago Wedding Planner

Wherever you are in the Chicago wedding planning process we want to help make your wedding the day you’ve dreamt it to be! Because we are full-time professional wedding planners we know what it truly takes to make an event successful and even if you’re looking for “a little help that day” we’re going to give you the 60 hours of attention we know your wedding deserves (and needs.)

“Day Of” is a casual term that means on-site wedding day management but Big City Bride knows that you need more than just one day of our help. For Big City Bride calls it “Petite Package” because we’re more like “Month Of” wedding planners than just day of wedding planners! This allows us to receive and review your Chicago wedding contracts, develop a unique and effective floor plan, organize your guest list, and prepare a detailed timeline of your whole Chicago wedding weekend! We’ve got a few tricks and wedding tips we love to pass on, and lots of creative wedding inspiration for last minute details.

Big City Bride wants to make sure that you don’t settle for a Chicago wedding planner who can’t promise you everything you need in a day of planner. Here is what we do to make your wedding tight and right:

• We know your taste and make your design details perfect.

• We find the gaps in your Chicago wedding vendor contracts and prevent any problems day of.

• We connect your Chicago wedding vendors so they are a team on wedding day and working for your best interest.

• We  provide creative touches that make a big impact for almost no cost.

• We help you surprise your groom or thank your parents.

• We listen to your wedding worries.

• We use our talents, experiences, and back up Chicago vendors to implement your plans and react to any changes on-site.

• We’re ready with our emergency kit for whatever you will need! We’ll set out matches for the unity candle, open a bottle of wine, give you mints before your first dance, or sew your dress when dancing breaks your bustle.

• We provide you with support staff for transportation or guiding your guests to the Chicago Park District ceremony site that’s nearly impossible to find.

• We make sure your bouquet is in your hand for introductions and the DJ knows how to pronounce everyone’s names.

• We make you laugh, keep you stress free, and carry your things around all day.

• We make sure your mom and your Chicago wedding photographer and Chicago wedding videographer are in the room for your first dance and your cake cutting.

• We make sure all your gifts go back to your aunt’s hotel room, along with your unity candle, guest book, family photos, and special cake cutting set.

After months of planning and years of saving we want to make sure your Chicago wedding is executed perfectly. Let us know if you want Big City Bride to help you with whatever it takes to make your Chicago wedding perfect!

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