With five full time planners, Big City Bride is a team of talented, experienced, and unique event planners. As a team of five planners we have combined experience, connections, styles, and ideas so we can truly do it all! There will always be someone to answer the phone and answer an urgent question and there will always be back up on event day if needed.

Susan Cordogan – Event design and execution is my forte. I ESPECIALLY LOVE  ALL THE PAGEANTRY OF A WEDDING. For more than a decade, I have enjoyed designing and executing events for clients spanning the globe. I’ve worked closely with most Chicago venues and wedding suppliers. These relationships benefit our clients and their wedding plans. You will find our event experience, contacts, and knowledge invaluable. It is an honor to be a part of your wedding team.

Chrissy – A good personality match is key to a successful wedding planning experience. Clients and vendors will tell you that I’m fun-loving, yet calm, with meticulous organizational skills. My goal is to minimize your stress and maximize your budget. I LOVE FASHION & STYLE and enjoy helping with those little touches that have a big impact.

Darcey  – My career began on Maui where I planned a variety of weddings from a simple beach ceremony to an elaborate wedding gala. I believe that your wedding should be an extension of your personality and you should be able to achieve your perfect day while still staying within your budget…and keeping your sanity! I LOVE MUSIC!

Kim – I come from a very large family (9 kids!) so I GET ALONG WITH EVERYONE! I’m a very careful and serious planner but still love to keep the mood light and have fun as weddings are a time for celebration – not a time to stress out! Wedding planning has been my lifelong dream and I treasure each wedding that I am a part of.

Claire – I am a CREATIVE FORCE! Crafting is my passion and I am excited to make your wedding uniquely and perfectly you! My graphic design background can bring your wedding ideas to life. My positive attitude will keep the planning enjoyable – I guarantee I’ll be smiling the whole time!


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