Tiffany and Co. Celebration Garden is the Perfect Wedding Venue Location

There is nothing better than the perfect Chicago wedding venue! As your Chicago wedding planner – we believe that your Chicago wedding venue should reflect the vision you imagine for your Chicago wedding. Big City Bride knows The Tiffany & Co Celebration Garden is in a perfect Chicago outdoor wedding venue.   It is blooming with over 1,200 kinds of flowers, shrubs and trees that can give your outdoor Chicago wedding ceremony a special touch of Mother Nature’s design.  Located right next to Buckingham Fountain, the Tiffany & Co Celebration garden in Chicago offers fabulous views of the Chicago skyline.

As Chicago wedding planners – we agree that this is also a great location for wedding photography that include a glorious Chicago backdrop.   This Chicago wedding venue is easily accessible as it is a short distance to many Chicago hotels and Chicago wedding reception locations.

We wouldn’t be good Chicago wedding planners if we didn’t strongly encourage you to consider a rainy day back up plan. As you plan your dream Chicago wedding in a garden, also plan for a beautiful indoor ceremony at your Chicago wedding venue. Making the decision last minute can be stressful. Not only do all of your guests need to be updated on the plans, but also your wedding transportation, chair rental company, wedding florist, and wedding photographer as well. Big City Bride helps brides and grooms plan gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremonies all the time and can help remove any stress of a dark cloud by being prepared and keeping all of your vendors in the loop!


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