Planning a Wedding Budget with a Planner

Let’s talk budget because it’s a driving force behind any wedding. As a Chicago wedding planner, Big City Bride does not make up the cost of a Chicago wedding, but we certainly can help you know what costs to expect if you’re planning a wedding on a budget. Hiring a wedding planner from the beginning is the best way to create a realistic wedding budget and make decisions throughout the planning process that stay within your wedding budget.

The Knot did a recent study of wedding budgets to find the national average wedding cost and the average cost for your wedding reception venue, wedding band, wedding photographer, wedding ceremony site, wedding dress, room design, wedding floral, transportation, wedding invitations, and more! Look at what they found…but keep in mind that an average comes from many lows and many highs, and a city like Chicago hosts many incredible events with higher budgets, as everything in any city is more expensive and weddings are no exception.

It’s important to realize that this is a study of national weddings, big and small, from Hawaii to Maine and everywhere in between. Of course a country wedding is very different than a beach wedding and even a suburb wedding is very different than a city wedding. Everything in a major metropolitan area is much more expensive so of course that applies to weddings. Staying in a hotel, dining, shopping, and even sales tax is more expensive in a city.

Typically a wedding in a major metropolitan area such as Chicago costs twice as much as a wedding outside of a city. But, there are so many amazing benefits of a city wedding that so many couples find the added cost completely worth it. Close to an airport, full of hotel options, surrounded by tourist attractions for out of town guests, amazing restaurants, incredible views, and really unique Chicago wedding venues….Chicago is an incredible city to tie the knot in!

With a Chicago wedding planner, you can know the Chicago wedding costs and plan a Chicago wedding that fits your budget, your guest count, and your style. Big City Bride loves to plan weddings of every size and budget that show off the Chicago you love!


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