Wedding Shoes To Dance All Night In

We’ll admit it. Everyone at Big City Bride has a pair of Toms. They are unbelievably comfortable and weigh close to nothing. One of our Chicago wedding planner secrets is packing an extra pair (or three) of shoes because we never stop and we never sit down! Big City Bride will be going on wedding day from the time the bride gets her make up done till the end of the night when we check the Chicago wedding venue for a lost camera or suit coat. Running between hotel suites, moving through the city from wedding hotel to the Chicago wedding church, setting up for the wedding reception and greeting guests means we don’t have a free moment to slow down. At that point your Chicago wedding planner is checking the food display, tidying the bathrooms, checking in on the bride and groom, organizing toasts and group photos, and making sure the wedding band stays on schedule. By the time the food is served and the guests are dancing the eyes are no longer on us and so if we’re lucky we can change from heels to flats.

If Toms are good enough for a Chicago wedding planner…they might be good enough for a Chicago bride! If this is at all your style we’ll vouch for their comfort. The new Toms Wedding Collection is where I found the photos of these fun options! If your dress will hide your feet all day and you want to think about your groom rather than your sore heel and wobbly ankles, maybe you want a pair! If you know your sexy shoes won’t make it into dancing perhaps you need a pair for your late night wedding celebration!

Whatever your style, be it crochet or grosgrain ribbon, burlap or sequins, flats or high heels…they probably have a pair you’ll enjoy. Make this your “something blue!” Gift your bridal party with a pair for dancing that fits each of their personalities…or your wedding colors! Your Chicago wedding planner can help hide them under your head table to surprise everyone with a late night treat for dancing! It just might help keep the party going all night long!

And don’t forget, Toms donates one pair of shoes for every pair purchased. That might be a “something new” for someone who doesn’t really know the meaning of “new” … and Big City Bride loves that added bonus!


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